Contact me


I want to have a meeting with you in the next two weeks.  When are you free?

    I am free intermittently, and my schedule is sometimes quite complicated.  You can sign up for a time here.  If you need something further in the future -- or if none of the close-by times work for you -- you should email me. 

    I think your research is really exciting. Are you available to visit me and give a colloquium or workshop?

    Thanks! I think it's really exciting too.  Yes, broadly speaking, I would love to visit you and give a colloquium or workshop.  You should check out some of the possibilities for both.  Generally I am more free during the academic year than during the summer; academic year trips are usually under one week, but summer trips can be longer.  During the academic year, I usually need a couple of months lead time to find dates.  During the summer, most of my time is spoken for by the beginning of March.  It's always possible that a trip on shorter notice can work out. Email me and we can work out dates!

      I am a prospective international collaborator or student and I want to work with you on a research project or visit the KSUPER group. Can I join your group?

      Yes! I am currently seeking new students, and I am always delighted to host collaborators for short or long stays.  

      Mechanically, new graduate students will need to apply to (and be accepted into) the graduate program at KSU.  New undergraduate students (if they are not already KSU students) should apply to the KSU Physics REU program.  If you're already a KSU undergrad and you're looking to do undergraduate research with me, great! 

      If you're a student somewhere else, faculty on sabbatical, or independent researcher, we would be delighted to host you for a research exchange trip.  Most visitors for this purpose visit for a semester or academic year, though longer or shorter trips are possible.  Alas, we cannot normally fund your stay, though it is often possible for me to provide a letter of invitation in support of your visit. 

      For all prospective lab members: I'm happy to chat about research ideas as you plan your application.  You can email me about ideas, or we can meet to chat.  Either is ok with me. There's a quick google form to help you organize your thoughts here.