Opinion Pieces

Periodically, I write opinion or advice pieces about being an academic, particularly in physics education research (PER).  They would form a blog if they occurred regularly. They are not peer-reviewed.
  • Becoming a better writer or presenter:
  • Becoming a better researcher
    • Research design: How to design better research projects, and how to develop your skill as someone who generates research projects.
    • Research process for video-based research: How to conduct your first research project using videodata.  Focuses on the process rather than specific software or methods.
  • Getting a faculty job
  • The state of the PER field
    • How big is PER? A FAQ: Some common questions about the size and shape of PER, aimed at curious physics departments.
    • h-indices in PER: The h-index is a measure of how well-cited a person is; I calculated them for PERers as a function of job maturity. 
    • Affirmation cards: Affirmation cards tell other people how you appreciate them and affirm the value of their work.  This is the story of how they came to PER, including directions for how to make your own.