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Image: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

I want to have a meeting with you soon. When are you free?

I am free intermittently, and my schedule is sometimes quite complicated. You can sign up for a time here or on this page: just scroll in the purple box that says "Office hours with Eleanor Sayre".

You do not need to email me first: this calendar is always up-to-date, and it will notify me when you've signed up. If you need something further in the future -- or if none of the close-by times work for you -- you should email me.


I emailed you at KSU, and got your autoresponder. What's up?

I am on leave from KSU, working as a program officer with the NSF. During this time, I am not teaching classes for KSU, accepting new students, sitting on KSU committees, or participating in Manhattan events; except inasmuch as KSU-related activities directly concern my current or former students, their funding, or their research.

  • If you contacted me about my current PhD students, their funding, or their research, I am happy to meet with you or email you back (eventually). You can increase your chances of an emailed response if your query is brief and requires an uncomplicated answer on my part; if it's urgent or complicated, you'll have better luck with a zoom meeting. If you need help deciding if your query is brief, urgent, or uncomplicated, you should email Kim Coy.

  • If you emailed me about PhysPort, email Kim Coy. She can address your concerns or redirect your message appropriately.

  • If you emailed me about PEER, email Matthew Sayre. He can address your concerns or redirect your message appropriately.

  • If you emailed me for me, because you wanna talk possibilities or hang out or something but somehow chose my KSU address instead of my personal one, that's cool -- just update your address book and try again at my personal address.

So, the NSF? How is that going?

Pretty awesome, actually. I love the work that I do, the people I work with are friendly and supportive, and I feel like I'm doing good in the world. I split my time between working on site in Alexandria , Virginia, and working from Rochester, New York. This is a temporary "rotator" position, not a permanent move.

I work on five programs at NSF:

  • Improving undergraduate STEM education, IUSE

  • Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program, S-STEM

  • Future of Semiconductors, FuSE

  • Building Capacity for STEM Education Research, BCSER

  • Mid-Career Advancement, MCA

Are you available to visit me and give a colloquium or workshop?

Thanks! I think it's really exciting too. Yes, broadly speaking, I would love to visit you and give a colloquium or workshop. You should check out some of the possibilities for both. I can also recommend some of my fabulous collaborators for talks and workshops.

Generally I'm more available for virtual visits than in-person ones. Much as I love in-person meetings, scheduling is hard and complicated. You should expect at least a 3-month lead time for physical travel, but sometimes there's a weird hole in my schedule or your location is near another place I'm going. Email me and we can work out dates!

Can I visit or join your group? Can we start a collaboration?

Maybe! I am always delighted to play "yes, and" about research designs and professional development opportunities.

However, my research lab is full. I am not seeking new students for fall '23. Some of my research projects are actively seeking students (grad and undergrad) via partners at other universities.

If you're already a student somewhere else, faculty on sabbatical, or independent researcher, KSUPER would be delighted to host you for a research exchange trip. Most visitors for this purpose visit for a semester or academic year, though longer or shorter trips are possible. Alas, we cannot normally fund your stay, though it is often possible for me or another faculty member to provide a letter of invitation in support of your visit.

If you want to work with us on one of our existing projects, cool! Let's chat. If you have a proposal for a new project for us to do together, I'm also down for chatting about that. Be aware that I don't have a lot of time to devote to new projects right now. You can email me about ideas, or we can meet to chat. Either is ok with me.

If you're looking to get started or broaden your experience in STEM education research, you might also be interested in PEER field schools for emerging researchers.

Will you review a paper for my journal?

Probably not. Check here for more details.

I love your art! Will you make something for me? Can I buy something from you?

Thank you! Sometimes I take commissions, but I don't regularly sell my work. There's no etsy store and I don't do markets. Selling sounds like paperwork, and I don't want to do paperwork in my leisure time. More details here.

Last update: 2022 December