Curriculum Vitae

Image: Konza Prairie, Manhattan, Kansas

Dr. Eleanor Sayre

Eleanor Sayre's research is about how people develop professional identity as scientists, teaching emerging education researchers, and building professional development materials for university faculty.

This CV is from August 2020. Let me know if you need a more recent one.

Sayre-CV-2020 8.pdf


I am a Professor of Physics at Kansas State University, where I am the senior faculty member in the physics education research group (KSUPER). I am also a partner at the Alder Science Education Association (AlderSEA) and a co-Director of the Professional development for Emerging Education Researchers (PEER) program. I have over 80 peer-reviewed publications in discipline-based education research. I conduct research on how students develop professional identity in STEM, linking the development of their technical knowledge with their perceptions of what it means to do STEM research. I also conduct research in physics faculty needs and development, particularly around how to best support faculty through ongoing processes of growth.

As a co-Director at PEER, I develop workshops for emerging education researchers and travel to teach field schools worldwide. I mentor working groups for the Rochester field school, and coordinate our research, development, and outreach efforts with the other directors, Scott Franklin and Mary Bridget Kustusch.

There are more details of my research at the Sayre Lab.

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