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Dr. Eleanor C Sayre

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I work for the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a Program Director for the Division of Undergraduate Education. While I'm at the NSF, I am on leave from my position as a Professor of Physics at Kansas State University. I am also a CASTLE Research Affiliate at Rochester Institute of Technology and a co-Director of the Professional development for Emerging Education Researchers (PEER) program. I have over 80 peer-reviewed publications in discipline-based education research. I direct research on how students develop professional identity in physics, linking the development of their technical knowledge with their perceptions of what it means to do physics. I also conduct research into effective professional development for university faculty, including helping faculty teach better as well as become better researchers.

There are more details of my research at the Sayre Lab.

I graduated from the University of Maine with a PhD in 2007 and a MST in 2005, from Grinnell College with a BA in 2002, and from Falmouth Academy in 1998. For more professional details, my CV is here.

In my spare time, I enjoy ceramics, knitting, and gaming. I try to wear or use at least one hand-made item every day, from my morning coffee mug to my clothes, jewelry, or accessories.

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