Old projects

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  • Equity in undergraduate lab classrooms: how are practices in undergraduate labs equitable or not, and what does that imply about how we should teach?

  • Mathematization: how do students use mathematics in physics in upper division theory classes?

  • Identity Project: how do undergraduate students develop professional identity in physics?

  • Network Analysis of PER: how has the field of PER changed over time?

  • IMPRESS: how can we teach people how to do education research?

  • Response Curves: how much do students learn, and how quickly do they forget?

  • Detecting seriousness in students' concept inventory responses

  • Automated clustering of PER topics over time.

  • Personas of faculty and students

Are you still doing these projects?

I am not actively working on these projects right now:

  • I don't have any funding to do them.

  • I am not actively seeking funding for them.

  • These projects are not seeking new students to work on them.

Would you work on them again in the future?


Before you get really enthusiastic about one of these projects, take a jaunt over to my new projects and see if one of them looks exciting. Oftentimes, new projects grow from a melange of old projects, and the thing that excites you about one of these older projects might be available in new form for a new project.

I do a lot of research bricolage.

Last updated: 2022 January